My signature acrylic ink paintings might – at first impression - look like prints. They are not.
Each one is a unique piece of hand painted artwork.

I created this unique style of art with the intention of generating a three-dimensional look similar to a relief.

My process includes various steps and techniques. Combing through my own stock of photographs from travels and everyday observations from which only a fraction are actually suitable as starting points for my paintings. By reducing the image to two contrasting colors and simple shapes I challenge the viewer to recognize the image/landmark without directly replicating it.

The three-dimensional effect in the artwork is achieved by painting multiple layers of acrylic ink and paint.

Before adding the final glossy varnish I use a variety of tools to ‘fine tune’ the painting from any excess paint to give the artwork an almost ‘perfect’ look.

Feel free to inquire about customized 'acrylic ink' paintings.

acrylic INK paintings

Art is © Copyright 2017 by Astrid Behnam. All rights reserved.

Purchased art is for personal use only and is not to be reproduced in any form be it physical, digital or any future means of duplication. Photo of art may be posted on social media as long as proper artist attribution and copyright are indicated. Example: Title is ©Copyright “year” by “Artist Name”. All Rights Reserved.