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meet the artist

born 1974 in Germany

Astrid holds a Master in Architecture from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. She has lived and worked in Germany, Australia, and the US and traveled extensively across five continents. Her work experience ranges from architect, web designer, FlyNet consultant, realtor to camp counselor.

Currently Astrid lives in Concord, MA with her husband and two children. You can find her painting in her studio at Bradford Mills or walking her brand new black lab.

Her diverse art is inspired by her travels, architectural background and love for colors.

I love to experiment with colors and shapes that I see and observe in nature, architecture and people. In my art I like to take diverse viewpoints as if using a lens closely zooming in or really far out. My work represents a variety of either abstract or detail oriented pieces. I enjoy using vibrant colors, stark contrasts and layered effects.

Curious by nature, I constantly search for different materials, mediums, tools and displays for my art. Choosing and prepping a surface and sometimes even building the frame are part of my art.