Art is © Copyright 2018 by Astrid Behnam. All rights reserved.

Purchased art is for personal use only and is not to be reproduced in any form be it physical, digital or any future means of duplication. Photo of art may be posted on social media as long as proper artist attribution and copyright are indicated. Example: Title is ©Copyright “year” by “Artist Name”. All Rights Reserved. 


My art is always evolving and not limited to one specific medium or style.

I love to experiment with different paint media, tools or painting surfaces.

Explore my art in one of the four different categories.

Abstract Acrylics: With this type of work I use a variety of spatulas, squeegees or old credit cards on wood panels, canvas or paper.

Acrylic Ink: Starting with a photograph I manipulate the image until I like the contrast and abstraction, transfer this on my working surface and create a three-dimensional effect by adding multiple layers of paint.

Digital Media: Digitally altering photographs and mounting the prints on wood panels.

Mixed Media: Collages made from photographed abstract paintings and layered digitally as well as combining techniques like layering a liquid acrylic painting on top of an acrylic abstract.

Feel free to inquire about customized 'liquid acrylics'.